M achine generated high energy X-rays and Electrons form our accelerator, LINC are being used in the treatment of CANCER

M achine generated high energy X-rays and Electrons form our accelerator, LINC are being used in the treatment of CANCER

R adiation theraphy planning, at the disease, is carried our by a simulator.

CT sacn
I maging study using X-rays and a computer assisted tomography sacn to show detailed pictures of the anatomy.

Cobalt 60 (60Co)
Unit I

Cobalt 60 (60Co)
Unit II
A radioactive isotope,60Co,emits high energy gamma radiation for Cancer Treatments, both palliative and curative, as required by the Oncologists..

HDR Brachytherapy Multisource
B rachytherapy, short range therapy, to treat Cervical, Interstitial, Esophageal and Interluminal CANCERS for men and women, in inaccessible sotes, which is unreachable by any external radiation. It is very high dose therapy involving shortest delivery time (e.g few minutes).

I maging Scanner Intensifier, C- arm has radiographic capabilities, for fluoroscopic imaging during care procedures like surgical, orthopedic, critical care and emergency.

Mammography Machine

Dimension RxL
Immaulite 1000

Echocardiogram Machine


Frozen Section Biopsy Machine

Ultrasonography Machine

e are giving maximum facilities in our services, our facilities are:

Outdoor medical treatment with specialized doctors and consultants. We have A/C & Non A/C cabin & ward (Male & Female).

Our indoor Cabin & Ward facilities are:

     Intensive Care Unit
     VIP Cabin
     A/C Cabin
     Non A/C Cabin
     A/C Ward
     Non A/C Ward
     Two OT facilities with modern equipment

Our Radiotherapy machines are most sophisticated & advanced technology. These are

     3D CRT Linear Accelerator machine
     Cobalt-60 machine
     Brachytherapy HDR & LDR (High dose rate & Low dose rate) machine

Our modern pathological laboratory can do all types of tests:

Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Bio Chemistry, Microbiology, Cytology, FNAC, Histopathology, Tumor marker, Frozen section biopsy, Chromosome Study, Blood transfusion service, Immunology, Virology, Serology, Hormone test, etc.

DHL have advanced technological equipment of X-ray, E C G, Echocardiogram, Ultra sonogram, C T Scan department.

We also have Specialized Medicine, Surgery, Gaynee & Obs, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Eye, ENT, Dental departments.

Our other services are Executive & VIP health Checkup facilities with affordable cost.