M achine generated high energy X-rays and Electrons form our accelerator, LINC are being used in the treatment of CANCER

M achine generated high energy X-rays and Electrons form our accelerator, LINC are being used in the treatment of CANCER

R adiation theraphy planning, at the disease, is carried our by a simulator.

CT sacn
I maging study using X-rays and a computer assisted tomography sacn to show detailed pictures of the anatomy.

Cobalt – 60 (60Co)
Unit – I

Cobalt – 60 (60Co)
Unit – II
A radioactive isotope,60Co,emits high energy gamma radiation for Cancer Treatments, both palliative and curative, as required by the Oncologists..

HDR Brachytherapy Multisource
B rachytherapy, short range therapy, to treat Cervical, Interstitial, Esophageal and Interluminal CANCERS for men and women, in inaccessible sotes, which is unreachable by any external radiation. It is very high dose therapy involving shortest delivery time (e.g few minutes).

I maging Scanner Intensifier, C- arm has radiographic capabilities, for fluoroscopic imaging during care procedures like surgical, orthopedic, critical care and emergency.

Mammography Machine

Dimension RxL
Immaulite – 1000

Echocardiogram Machine


Frozen Section Biopsy Machine

Ultrasonography Machine

Good health feel better


TheDelta Hospital Ltd. provides the full range of radiation therapy and has a close working relationship with consultants, surgeon, Medical Oncologist & other physicians. In addition to being able to look after all the patients’ medical needs, DHL also have trained counselors and therapist to help patients and their families to cope better with the disease.
Using state- of- the- art equipment our specialists are able to provide the best possible radiation therapy at our centers. Our Radiation Oncologists participate actively in international meetings and conferences on radiation therapy and are experts in their areas of specialisation to ensure that our patients get the best and most appropriate care, a team of cancer specialists using multidisciplinary approach manages all patients. They are supported by excellent radiological and laboratory services.

Our memorable life

Delta Hospital Limited (DHL) is the pioneer organization for cancer diagnosis, treatment and management in the private sector in Bangladesh. Initially, four persons decided to set-up a 250-bed hospital. As it was not financially possible to start a 250-bed hospital in Dhaka, than decided by the Board of Directors to start a specialized cancer treatment hospital.
To set up a hospital board of directors selected two places, one is located in road-4, Dhanmondi & another in Mirpur. Of this two Dhanmondi center is general unit and Mirpur center is 1st Specialised Oncology (cancer) center.
Dhanmondi Unit of Delta Hospital Ltd. was formally inaugurated on 21-06-1989 by the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh Mr. Moudud Ahmed and Late. Mr. Mojibur Rahman Chowdhury, who contributed a lot for this event.
Specialisation on oncology Mirpur unit started its operation since 1994, Prof. A Q M B Chaudhury, a former president of Bangladesh formally inaugurated it on 17th March 1995.

Present Status

Today the Oncology unit of Delta Hospital Ltd. stands as the most modern cancer treatment hospital in Bangladesh. . DHL prepared for its Oncology unit with Modern Radiotherapy equipment and other necessary machines for cancer treatment. Beside the oncology treatment DHL also run Eye, Dental, Head & Neck (ENT), Gaynee, Medicine and Surgery unit with specialised consultants. Most modren pathology services are available at 24 hours a day & 7days a week. The Hospital Has a built up area of nearly 55,000 sft. The hospital has its own substation with a 255 KVA stand by generator.

The Dhanmondi unit provides general medical surgery, gaynee obstretical surgery and also Head & Neck ophthalmic surgery with most modren pathological services. Now this two units are run by number of specialised doctors, Physicists, Pathologists, Technicians & Nurses.
Delta Hospital Ltd. also doing some chromosome test in its modern pathological lab.

Future steps

The company’s mission is to provide world class health care services in general and specialised medical fields at an affordable cost. We are providing specialised treatment service for cancer patient and our efforts are direction to become specialised in the fields of cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention & also trying to open other specialised department. DHL may be purchasing some other modern machinery from abroad for Cancer treatment.